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Before you can start, you should read the following important information.

Download our EcoCrowd handbook. Here you can find detailed tips and tricks for a successful crowdfunding campaign.


EcoCrowd handbook (in German)

Does my project fit to EcoCrowd?

EcoCrowd is a crowdfunding platform exclusively for sustainable projects. You can read  our project evaluation guidelines to understand what we mean by this. These guidelines should not be exclusive and can not be. But they ensure the quality of the projects on our platform.

What does it cost to start a campaign on EcoCrowd?

Registration on our platform is free, just like the submitting and launching of projects. 8% of the total amount of the financing is used to maintain the platform at EcoCrowd. Whether additional fees are due by the payment provider is dependent on your choice of payment provider for your supporters. PayPal charges per transaction a fee – this is 1.9% and 35 cents per transaction. The payment provider SOFORT waives a payment fee by working with a non-profit organization as in the case of EcoCrowd. Note, that if you offer your supporters various methods of payment, your chances of success increase.

What else is important?

Watch our explanatory video before you start and use our helpful tips on your rewards and your pitch video. We have also compiled a guide which helps you to prepare you better for your crowd.

Everything is clear?

Let’s go! You can also contact us in our support center sector.


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