This is how you support a project



Crowdfunding as an instrument of project financing is as simple as it is brilliant: the starter sets a financing target and people who like the project can help to finance this target amount in small steps.

For the support, they receive a reward. This can be the finished product – such as a solar charger – but also something quite different, such as an invitation to the opening of the project (e.g., a movie premiere).

All projects on EcoCrowd run in the financing model flexible funding. That means that if the financing goal is not reached at the end of the financing phase, the starter will still receive his money and each supporter will receive his money. A sustained contribution can often be achieved with a partial sum – so starters and supporters have a success experience.

You can start right now! Search for a project you’d like to support and click on „Support“ on the respective project page or make a decision for a reward. You can set the amount of your contribution in the next step. If you click on „next“, you will come to our payment services.