Video Tips


It is open to you, whether you want to start with or without video – it is better to start with it, because the video is the heart of a crowdfunding campaign. A short video about you and your project gives your project presentation character and face. Whether simple mobile phone video or professional recording – the main thing is that it is authentic. But do not let yourself get into a perfectionist elaboration of your video. The best idea can remain unnoticed if it is not presented well. A video is an opportunity for presentation, but also just one – in addition to the even more important contact and network building in the context of your crowdfunding campaign.

We have put together the 8 most important points you should check out for your video.


Try to communicate authentically to show important aspects of your own story. Stories make a good impression and give an abstract idea a framework that helps people to remember. With the right story, you can take your audience with you.


The great thing about crowdfunding is that you can support other people’s dream directly. The support does not go to any big association or company, but to an authentic person, you know from a video. It is therefore important that you introduce yourself to your audience, so that it can understand you and identify with you. Use your own language and be natural, open and just yourself.

Community feeling

Address the crowd directly. „I need your support,“ „Only together can we do it.“ EcoCrowd is more than just a crowdfunding platform – we form a community that can really do great things together.


Only if you are to 100% behind your project, you can convince other people. Explain why you are fire and flame for your project.

Added value

What does the world have from your project? And what do the supporters have to do with it? Explain clearly why you are convinced that your idea is of big value.


In your video you should radiate energy and positive feelings. Please do not ask for donations, but for support. To arouse compassion and tell a sad story does not help in a crowdfunding campaign. The crowd wants to be swept along and have heard enough often that climate change, pollution, etc. which are bad. Offer instead a solution, in which they can participate!


Put yourself in the position of your audience – what would interest you and move to become a part of the project? Also, you should know who exactly you want to reach. In the best case, a wide range of people will see your video, so do not try to use a technical language and try to ensure understanding for young and old.


The most successful pitch videos are less than 3 minutes. The Internet community has a short attention span and it would be a pity if your video is not finished. Also try not to incorporate large editing errors in the video and pay attention to the intelligibility of the sound. The quality does not have to be perfect, but at the same time it should be good enough not to distract from the content. In addition, you should be careful to have the rights to all materials you used.


  • Tell a story
  • Show your personality
  • Develop a community feeling
  • Mediate your passion
  • Present the value of your idea
  • Create a positive mood
  • Know your audience
  • Keep to the formalities