The people


In order to make EcoCrowd possible, a lot of people have supported us actively and positively. Here they are:

Jörg Sommer
… is a writer, chairman of the Deutsche Umweltstiftung, initiator and sponsor of our project. He already believed in the project several years ago and played a large part in the fact that the idea became reality in the meantime.
Jessica Schulz
… Jessi has worked with us as an intern and experienced the registration of our very first projects. Because supporting them has been so much fun, she remains a voluntary project guide.
Jonathan Przybylski
… works at PHINEO AG as an analyst on the topic of efficiency analysis in numerous fields – among others, CSR, demography and climate protection. He has supported us in the development of our sustainability guidelines.
Andreas Feldmann
… has been Managing Director of Engineers Without Borders since 2007 and our project management expert. The fact that the engineers are our neighbors in the Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte is, of course, doubly practical!
Andreas Sauer
… is the creative head of the Green Heroes, an agency for sustainable communication concepts, as well as the responsible person for hero blog and „Ecopress“. As an expert in design, he has created our ingenious EcoCrowd logo.
Carolin Rieche
… finished her studies in business at the end of last year and supported us energetically as a volunteer, especially in the area of ​​project management and marketing.
Celin Sommer
… has already developed numerous blogs and internet platforms. She does not only have an eye for aesthetics but also juggles at a breathtaking pace with HTML, PHP and CSS. The platform design from EcoCrowd was developed by her.
Christoph Wenzel
… after finishing his degree in bioprocess engineering, he wanted to get out of the laboratory and gain experience in the public and marketing sector. He was able to contribute his knowledge about nature and sustainability to EcoCrowd as well as his knowledge in HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
Daniel Kraft
… is responsible for communication and fundraising as head of the communication and press department of the Federal Center for Political Education. He is a member of EcoCrowd’s advisory board.
Eike Jentner
… has completed the bachelor „Forestry and Environment“. He currently studies „Forest Science“ (M.A) in Freiburg and supported our team with his knowledge in the fields of land use, nature conservation and environmental protection.
Fabian Spörer
… recently head of the policy department of the Deutsche Umweltstiftung, he was responsible for the development of EcoCrowd as a team leader in the decisive first months and has played an important role in the development of sustainability criteria.
Florian Hinze
…is a communication manager at PHINEO AG, the successful analysis and consulting company for effective social commitment. As an expert, he has helped us develop truly practical sustainability criteria.
Frank Jorga
… is a Strategy Adviser at the mr. Net group and founder of DD Investments GmbH. As an expert in e-commerce, he advises us on the subject of payment methods and everything that has to do with the banking world.
Hartmut Vogtmann
… is the former President of the German Nature Conservation Center, the former President of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and Professor at the Department of Agriculture at the University of Kassel. His experience is indispensable in our advisory board.
Helen Czioska
… even though environmental sciences was her major field of study, design is simply in her blood. That is why she supports us – as soon as she can spare some time and doesn’t work on her master thesis – with her concentrated graphic brilliance.
Ilona Jerger
… is a journalist and author with a focus on nature, science, environment, sustainability, and has been the editor-in-chief of natur + kosmos magazine for many years. She is actively involved in the EcoCrowd Advisory Board.
Jamila Mohme
… is a trained business economist and has already gained a lot of experience in the startup scene before she came to the Deutsche Umweltstiftung.
Jasmin Helm
… currently studies Sociology (M.A.) in Potsdam and supported our team as an intern in the field of public relations and press work.
Patrick Léon Gross
… studies governance and environmental sciences. His knowledge of politics, society, and environment enriches the team in strategy development and project management. He writes a publication about the relationship between sustainability and participation.
Jürgen May
… is an expert for event, corporate and brand communication around the aspects of green and sustainability. The guiding principle of our expert: „to act ecologically, to think socially, to profit economically“.
Lena Wiesler
… studies communication studies in Stuttgart and supported the communication team of EcoCrowd. She also has tips and advice on successful public relations work for ongoing projects.
Leon Moll
… is actually an Android developer. As an expert at EcoCrowd, he lives out, above all, his creative side. For our explanation film, he has provided us with his drawing and film cutting skills.
Lisa Wötzel
… studies English and communication studies in Berlin and flew in directly from London for her internship. We are glad that she will continue to be a project guide.
Marcel Bauer
… is a trained media designer and a graduated communication expert. As an equally creative and patient expert in brand building and brand management, he has helped us enormously in shaping the EcoCrowd brand.
Mareike Homann
…studies media science with a minor in literature, culture & media at the University of Siegen and supports the team as an intern in the field of public relations and project management in order to work for a more sustainable future.
Maria Pastukhova
… was the first intern in the EcoCrowd team and experienced how the project started growing. We owe her a lot of great ideas, which we would have otherwise never thought about.
Mario Schamberger
… is an online marketing manager at the sustainable Triodos Bank in Frankfurt am Main. With his technical background as a former web developer, he now contributes his expertise in SEO and usability of websites into the project.
Matthias Ernst Holzmann
… is a professional opera, jazz and pop singer, speaker and voice imitator, composer, author, audio and video producer in Nidderau near Frankfurt am Main. The voice of our expert for sound can be admired in our explanatory film.
Mel Bode
… studies cultural engineering in Magdeburg and enriched the team for one semester as an intern with knowledge from quite different disciplines, such as business informatics, cultural studies and knowledge management.
Michaela Schmeken
… is a member of the advisory board and corporate consultant for communication, organizational and identity development, and has accompanied executives and employees for more than 20 years.
Michael J. Kolodziej
… is a Professor and Director of the Institute for Sustainable Management at the Alanus College. He has over 40 years of experience in business and accompanies EcoCrowd as a member of the advisory board.
Michael Münnich
… is the leader of the department for „general matters of citizen participation“ at the ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety and has a lot of experience with participation, which he contributes to our advisory board.
Olaf Krüger

… is the executive of DOMAG AG, an agency specializing in advertising on the Internet for small and medium-sized companies. As an expert, he advises us on the subject of SEO and helps understand the confusing Google-algorythms.

Richard Focken
… is a specialist and consultant for international corporations on questions of climate protection and the introduction of innovative, climate friendly products. He supports us as an expert on these topics.
Saskia Letz
… is a member of our full-time team. She previously worked as a communications consultant for the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and the magazine Crowdbiz and has committed herself to sustainable projects.
Shai Hoffmann
… studied business administration in Berlin and New York after he had gained experience as a musician and actor between 2003-2008. Since 2009 he has been a successful Crowdfunding consultant – and for us a valuable expert.
Simon Bauer
… finished his studies of Mechanical Engineering & Management at the beginning of 2015. During his internship, he supported the team in project support and communication and took care of the technical aspects of the website.
Stefan Schaltegger
… is the founder of the Center for Sustainability Management at Leuphana University Lüneburg and of the world’s first MBA on sustainability management. He has contributed a lot to the sustainability criteria in our advisory board.
Tamara Moll
… the good-humoured multitalent has studied environmental and social sciences in the Netherlands and supported our team in Berlin in project management and marketing.
Theresa Schöbel
… studies environmental sciences with a minor in social media and information systems in Hamburg. As an intern she has contributed her passion for nature as well as her enthusiasm for technology.
Thomas Friemel
… is the publisher’s chief editor of Social Publish Verlag, which publishes the magazines enorm, WALD and Werde. The trained journalist was enthusiastic from the outset and actively supports us on the advisory board.
Tina Ruhner
… supervised the EcoCrowd projects in the full-time team and made them fit for the perfect campaign start. She was the contact person for all those who wanted to start a new EcoCrowd project.
Uta Kampermann
… studies politics and business in Münster. She guides EcoCrowd projects on their way to and after their campaign launch and supports the rest of the team in communication.
Valeria Zia
… studied arts, culture and media in the Netherlands and is happy to support the team with fun and enthusiasm in marketing and project management.
Walter Wudi
… as a producer of image and advertising films, he has a sense for videos that inspire – and supports EcoCrowd starters together with students of the Munich Media Academy in video production.