Our Partners

EcoCrowd is not only made and supported by many people, but also by several organizations. The legal entity of EcoCrowd is the Deutsche Umweltstiftung Service GmbH. Further organizations, institutions and companies support the project in terms of content and in part also financially – here the current list of our ideal partners:


For more than 30 years, the Ministry has been working to protect the citizens from environmental toxins and radiation, for a wise and economical use of raw materials, for climate protection, and for the use of natural life bases, in which the variety of animal and plant species and the preservation of the habitats.
uba_logo As Germany’s central environmental authority, the UBA is concerned about the fact that there is a healthy environment in Germany in which people can live as protected as possible from harmful environmental influences such as pollutants in air or water.


Utopia combines expert advice on the purchase of an independent editorial team with the opinions and recommendations of more than 90,000 registered community members who test and evaluate Utopia’s sustainable products and services.

webgo has been providing professional hosting products for companies, associations and individuals for more than 13 years and because of host sponsorships and financial contributions web go becomes the new sponsor of ecocrowd. The webgo servers are supplied with 100% green electricity from hydropower and operated in an energy-saving cold-runner system in Germany. webgo also actively supports social and ecological projects, which is why we are very pleased to have won the webhoster webgo as a new sponsor!

Cooperation partners

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Media partners

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