We support sustainably committed people and we want to set a collective signal. Together with you, we will present the small and big contributions to our common future, which each of us does with his commitment by rethinking, making and supporting.
Someone builds, another designs, EcoCrowd finances … If each of us makes a small contribution, we can make a wide difference.

Become part of  our #We_theFuture-Action!


And so you join:

1. Download the #Wir_dieZukunft plate here, print it, add your individual message or use the good old handwriting: What do you contribute to our common future?

2. Take a picture of you and the sign (you can do it with your friends or family).

3. Send us the photo via e-mail (if you like with a copyright notice), then we post it on our blog and social medias on FacebookInstagramTwitter and we publish it in our newsletter if necessary. Alternatively, you can spread the image yourself and please connect it with our Facebook page or our Instagram and Twitter account @ecocrowd. Hashtag: #We_theFuture