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With UTOBIOTOPIA is to create an environmental education facility, from which all profits flow into environmental and nature conservation projects. This campaign aims to create a 3D animation that presents the project worthily to investors and banks.


In the beginning was the idea to inspire children for the underwater world. I wanted to create a small pool in the Berlin Wuhlheide and put through a 30m long acrylic tube to make a sub-water walk possible. From this came the idea for UTOBIOTOPIA – a breathtaking environmental education facility. It is a 10-hectare, artificially landscaped lake in which several different, innovative acrylic glass technologies are expected to cause a stir. The “UTOBIOTOPIA Nature Trail Adventure World Berlin-Brandenburg” will become a commercial enterprise, which will transfer all profits of this first location and all further locations, which are to be created in the future, into an own foundation, the world-wide nature- and environmental protection, animal and biodiversity and climate protection projects.

In order to achieve this great goal, I would like to have a project visualization made in the form of a 3D animation for the presentation of the project, which will illuminate and explain the whole project well. This presentation is intended to present the project to potential site owners, European Union funding bodies, investors and banks. 

The money for this project visualization, is a 3D animated film from the project UTOBIOTOPIA, can be found here in this campaign.

What is the funded money used for?

18.250 € Freelancer + Goods in exchange, postage, income tax

The money will be used to finance a 3D animation showing the visitor’s path through UTOBIOTOPIA’s four different nature trails, skilfully emphasizing the most exciting perspectives and explaining all the other aspects well. This film is likely to be made with unrealengine4 software that can be used today to produce very good – realistic architectural visualizations. Other 3D methods are much more complicated and much more expensive, so I decided to use the variant with the game software. The film should have a length between 2 and 3 minutes and act as a basis in the presentation of the project. 

The project visualization costs 12,000 including tax. The exchange goods such as postcards, postage and world premiere cost about 2500, -Euro. The income tax I have to pay is about 16% in my case. I also want to pay a commission to EcoCrowd. So all in all, I need min. 18,250 euros. 

If the financing target of 18,250, -Euro is not reached, depending on the amount of the achieved amount several options are possible: 

For an amount below 1000, -Euro: the amount will be donated to the “Deutsche Umweltstiftung”! 

At an amount between 1000, – Euro and 6000, – Euro: will try to work with freelancers who may possibly have with the budget a visualization or parts of the planned visualization, maybe in another form e.g. Realizing 3D images to possibly find a sponsor who finances the 3D movie, because the target still remains the project visualization. 

At an amount between 6000, -Euro and 12000, – Euro: will try to get a film production company on board, which is to be moved with the budget to a partial sponsorship and realized the whole movie partly in own contribution or it will be tried sponsors to move from other branches, helping to realize the film. 

If a sum between 12.000, -Euro and 18250, -Euro comes together, will be tried with all means the sum up to the financing goal to increase. That is, they will try to find sponsors or find private financers who are ready to make the campaign a complete success. In addition, here is the chance of a partial sponsorship of a film production company even higher and may also be considered. 

For a successful, successful campaign, this will be supported by a permanent PR work. 

If all efforts in the worst case can not lead to a worthy project visualization, the money will be donated to the “Deutsche Umweltstiftung”. This ensures that it serves a good cause in any case.

Why is the project an EcoCrowd project?

Nature and environmental protection must be financed in the future. There are many projects that are not funded by the big Donation takers for example as Greenpeace or the WWF. UTOBIOTOPIA wants to be an opportunity for these people to implement their often very good projects. The project visualization UTOBIOTOPIAs will make a significant contribution to the realization of the “UTOBIOTOPIA Nature Trail Adventure World Berlin-Brandenburg”. Once this company is realized, it will generate up to € 21 million annually in its own foundation, which will finance nature and environmental projects around the world. Each additional location will also be part of this foundation and so large sums of money will be made available for this very important area. This can be a lot to move. An eco certification is provided. 

The implementation of project visualization UTOBIOTOPIAs is a first important step towards becoming one of the most innovative environmental education companies of our time, with a sustainable impact that could not be greater. With a vegan restaurant with summer garden, its own solar system on the dock roof, its own biological treatment plant and geothermal heating UTOBIOTOPIA will set sustainable standards in the management. Many millions of visitors are sensitized to the environment, are educated and will be impressed for a long time to remember their visit to the nature trail experience world.

Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Gregor Schlönvoigt, I am 41 years old and father of two charming daughters. I live with my family in a small village near Berlin and I want to revolutionize environmental education.

Since the end of 2014, I have been working on UTOBIOTOPIA in my free time, after I had already begun in 2012 with a much smaller version of the nature trail experience world, which was to take place in the Berlin Wuhlheide. After moving to the countryside, I got the idea of ​​a beautiful underwater world and the possibilities to be as close to it as possible.

I drew, wrote, contacted potential partners and collaborated on cost estimates. I built a project website, designed a LOGO and filled out the site as best I could with sketches and explanations about my idea of ​​UTOBIOTOPIA. Again and again I searched for ways to finance, until the way with EU funding, an investor and a large loan crystallized. But in order to reasonably engage in conversation with such people, it requires a good project presentation, including a worthy project visualization, the financing of which I am still working on.

To get closer to this goal, I wrote so far in this regard over 400 e-mails and also tried otherwise. A good, slightly older summary of my work on the visualization can be found here:  Guest Post – utobiotopic on in german language.

Even if none of these approaches was fundamentally successful, all show that I am working with full heart and soul on my sustainable, social idea to the best of my knowledge and conscience, that I do not lose sight of the opportunities and are highly motivated, that wonderful about the environment implementing business idea.

Therefore you are cordially invited to participate, true to the motto, at the top of the project website : Together for sustainability and a better environment with the “UTOBIOTOPIA Nature Trail Adventure World Berlin-Brandenburg”!

We all are the future, because ...

it is only us who shape it. Together for sustainability and a better environment with the “UTOBIOTOPIA Naturlehrpfad-Erlebniswelt Berlin-Brandenburg”!


Arnsberg, DE

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