LCOY Austria - first austrian climate youth summit

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With your help we want to create a unique project in Austria!
Our generation is the generation most affected by climate change, BUT our generation is also the generation to save our climate.
But how? Click here to find out!


What is an LCOY?

We are organising the first austrian climate youth summit!

Acknowledged by the UN, within a big international network and with long-term effects!

LCOYs, or Local Conferences of Youth, are official events organized by young people with national or regional focus taking place all over the world right now. They work towards the COP, the UN Climate Summit, in an internationally organized youth network.

The topic is climate change, and how our generation can to stop it! Through our project we will create a network, empower future changemakers and strengthen climate action and consciousness. The UN is providing us with a channel for our voices to be heard, so we will create a final output that will be brought up to the global climate negotiations.

What does it take to become a LCOY?

Networking with the organizers of the Netherlands LCOY we realized such an event is completely missing and very needed in most countries and… Austria! To be endorsed by the UN we passed an application process and gained the status of an official LCOY. A fundamental part of it was to attain the support of NGOs and organisations working in environmental fields.

… and what will exactly happen in Austria?

 In cooperation with many partner organisations we are organising workshops and panel discussions, creating social spaces to network and we are planning the form of the Output.
 We want to bring the global climate politics closer to youth, and youth into climate politics. Together we will simulate climate Negotiation to learn how they really work and what issues, limitations and possibilities they hold ready. 
The program covers three days in November (16-18) and present a wide array of speakers.

What is the funded money used for?

2.000 € Pay-back for the travel costs of the participants and sustainable Goodie-Bags!
3.000 € Catering! Organic, fair and local!
1.000 € Everything that's needed throughout the project. Workshop-materials, promotion and Coffee.

The event offers a great opportunity to join in on climate action and politics, and offers further networking for those already participating!

We want to offer our 200 participants a great programme. For this we need materials, e.g. paper, pens, and such, and they should be sustainable. The promotion of the event as well shouldn’t come too short, which is why we want to work together with green printeries for the creation of flyers and posters. Since our 3-day conference is packed with great workshops and discussions, we need fit and powerful participants, for which we want to take care of in form of  a green, sustainable and seasonal catering, a neatly fitting partner is already found.

All the money collected above these first two aims, will be used directly for our participants. Since we want to motivate youth all throughout Austria to participate, we want to provide some financial aid for the refund of public transportation tickets.

Depending on the amount of raised money we planned to print organic sustainable bags, to attract longer lasting attention on our cause and event. Who knows, it might be repeated in the following years!

Why is the project an EcoCrowd project?

Youth is the generation of the future and should have the right to decide upon it! 

We must educate ourselves on the challenges that we will be forced to face, to change the turn of tides in the right direction. This can only happen through a strong structured network, and this is what we are focusing on. 

Our output will sustain the topics and discussions being brought up during the conference and will serve as echo for the event. 

Because we are organising the conference in a green and sustainable help, and with the help of our many partners, we want to present a way of getting started in living sustainably by having a range of best practices ready for everyone interested. Sustainable and seasonal catering, cooperation with Foodsharing, partner organisations with a fitting self-understanding, and even green printeries make us a great EcoCrowd-project!

Tell us something about yourself.

We are group of students of the University of Vienna, the University of Life Sciences and the Technical University. We are members of the CliMates Austria NGO – the austrian branch of the international Youth NGO- and we organize the conference under this name. CliMates addresses the climate issue through different channels, spacing from school workshops to advocacy. We are a nonpartisan group and we celebrate diversity, variety of ideas and discussion. 

You can see more of us here

We work in close collaboration with many Partners that believe in spreading our message!

We enable the future, because ...

we fight for it!


Udine, IT



Wien, AT




Hawk Yachts

Hawk Yachts

Lymington, Hampshire, GB




Babenhausen, DE





Udine, IT




Wien, DE


Utrecht, NL

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  1. Hawk Yachts
    Hawk Yachts vor 3 years

    Es freut mich, dass Ihr in diese Richtung so aktiv unterwegs seid. Zu lange war nicht nur die Jugend in Europa zu inaktiv. Alles war irgendwie zu ruhig und träge. Nicht erst mit dem Brexit, nebst Klimawandel und Trump mit seiner aktuellen “kick-ass-politics” sieht man, dass es unbedingt notwendig ist, dass die Jugend aufsteht und sich lautstark zu Wort meldet. Gemeinsam. Es war schon immer die Jugend, die Wandel angestossen hat. Insofern sollte jede Unterstützung von Aktivitäten wie den Euren selbstverständlich sein.