CoolRich, ecological Climatization and potable Water without electricity

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CoolRich will be likely the only affordable and entirely environmentally friendly climate and A/C solution available.
CoolRich helps double,
– our sustainability and
– our preservation against the climate consequences, heat and water shortages


For a long time already, the solutions for climatization without any electric grid power or the waste of fossil energy occupies my engineers mind.
My ambition certainly became enhanced due to the fact, that I am living permanently, for many years already in Greece. My life is centered here, so the magnificent opportunities from the sun did not go unnoticed by me.

This project at hand, that I have baptized ‘CoolRich’, has remained idle for a long time, since the general Greek economic situation did not favour me to found a start-up, and as a private person I did not receive the necessary attention in Germany nor in the US.

The ‘CoolRich’ system offers the foundation for solutions to many problems of our current time, though!

In basic terms, my system creates COLD out of sufficient HEAT energy! – Very much like the camping fridge, which runs the deep freezer efficiently from a tiny gas flame!

In this well understood ‘Absorption Cooling System’ , the refrigerant is evaporized and pressurized by high temperature. The created pressure circulates the liquids and hence, works just like the compressor in a modern fridge – just without electricity and without any poisonous ingredients!

I have noticed several necessary improvements for this ancient system, -which has not received dedicated attention towards modernization for a good 100 (!!) years!
A few improvements, new materials and optimization – and here we go!  – Now the ‘Absorption Cooling System’ can be efficiently operated by the heat of the sun only! No fossil energy necessary anymore!

Solarthermal energy though – No photovoltaic!  No need for Batteries nor Compressors etc. – and no noise!

The ‘CoolRich’ system uses only natural gases and liquids as refrigerant and as communication liquid, which are entirely environmentally friendly, have no Greenhouse effect and are Ozone neutral!

The entire production process and all procedures are environmentally friendly, especially in the direct comparison to all other systems available! Only the thermal insulation layers of pipes and some components are synthetically manufactured to reach optimum energy preservation results for good efficiency.
Beyond that, we are not using any ‘rare earths’, since we have abandoned all electronics and we use no poisonous batteries! All gases and liquids are environmentally neutral!

 I have developed one version of the system, that is dedicated to condensing the humidity of the surrounding air, thus creating potable water ‘out of thin air’, efficiently and effortlessly, like artificial rain!
The system may even be mobile, and is not dependent upon any infrastructure!

The combination of Cooling and Water-Generation offers a multitude of opportunities and solutions for imminent problems, and also ideas for previously unimaginable applications!

For the sake of not overloading this brief description, -besides the obvious benefits of 
Individual Clean Water Supply and A/C without electricity, I want to attend to the most imminent issue; The solutions for the lethal consequences of the climate change within the cities and beyond its limits!

Lethal for citizen and also for businesses within shopping areas during Heat waves! A cooler city and fresh pedestrian zones keep people active and motivated for shopping!

‘CoolRich’ is able to climatize outdoor areas, even pedestrian zones and more, through a water vapour system, Green walls and/or similar systems. The system is also able to irrigate trees and Green areas without further infrastructure! Even the dust and pollution can be expected to be reduced!

To reach this ambitious target, we need to build the prototype of the ‘CoolRich’ system, to show that all the experiences of the past and all the improvements of the present do fit nicely together, not just by calculation, -but by measurable performance, to fight the threats of the future!

Please help me, to build the prototype of this system, so we all can benefit from it!

What is the funded money used for?

10.000 € Tests, Optimization and preparation for mass production
12.000 € Specialists work to modify, suit and fit all components
8.000 € Acquisation of Space, Ordering Materials and Tools,

The collected money will be used to build the prototype of the ‘CoolRich’ system.
In case we will not reach our financial goal, we will still continue building it as possible, and rather attempt another trial for fund raising.
I truly hope that we will collect more and beyond our target, so that we are enabled to perform further testing, in order to prepare the design for different applications and finally for mass production.

Why is the project an EcoCrowd project?

According to the ‘International Energy Agency’ (IEA in Paris), today already 12% of the emissions and usage of fossil fuels are accounted for by the billions of refrigeration machines, A/C units and general climate devices around the world.
This does not yet take into account the newly developed economic centers in Arabia and in Asia and South America, which are following quickly with their need for Air Condition!
Additionally, the electric climatization units demand, that Electric Power Plants are running idle or stand by, for the surges of mass employment of refrigeration to be cushioned, to avoid grid failures (Blackouts)!

With the development and deployment of ‘CoolRich’, there exists a real possibility to reduce global carbon and CFC emissions, besides many other positive ecological and humanitarian benefits!

Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Stefan Ritscher, I am 55 years old and originate from the wider region of Hamburg/Germany. I was always involved into shipping, and thus also came to Greece. Here I got hooked from a  shipyard conversion, and finally from my wife.

In the meantime I used to operate a Sailing Charter Agency, which allowed me a close experience of the Greek Islands.

At this angle of view, from a rather still unspoiled area, I fear about the general development of our world. I will try to do what I possibly can, to preserve as much of our world for our children and Grandchildren as possible.

We bring comfort to the future, because ...

we provide affordable living standards in an ecological fashion.






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Berlin, DE

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