With our love-mobil „Garuda“ we are going to travel four months long through Europe, visiting about 25 cities, festivals and beaches.

On-site we will demonstrate a colorful scenery of love and positive change, giving a helping hand wherever it is needed. The journey will start in may and end in august 2018.

Starting in Berlin we are traveling to Greece and back via Croatia visiting many European metropolises along the way. We do not have any commercial aims but instead represent a culture of giving. The tour consists mainly of transformative sound in combination with process-oriented, guided and free dance as well as informations about current and relevant issues of modern day life with concrete solutions for the healing of our planet and its inhabitants combining modern science and spiritual traditional wisdom. Furthermore we will distribute spiritualized high energetical vegetarian food.

We want to create a feeling of trust and belonging which is expanding over the edges of individual and national borders. We shall be reminded that we all are part of something greater than us and of how much we can achieve when we act together.

Furthermore, there is space for the active participation of individuals, associations and companies acting in an equivalent ethical way. We offer a platform for personal interchange and mutual inspiration. Our concept is designed to be reproducible and shall lead to further initiatives.

Accompanied by lots of good mood and love we are starting our way and want to encourage as many people as possible to participate in this collective shift of consciousness. It is time to not just dream of a better world, but to support this life-affirming vison actively through aimed action.
„Just do it“!

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Love-Tour 2018

With our “Garuda” musical temple van we drive through Europe raising the consciousness of as many people as possible through music, dance & practical wisdom. Let ´s make this world a better place, we are one! Join us!
` Wusterhausen, DE