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Educational trail to wild design

The “educational trail” is a one-year, interactive and child-friendly camp-life training in 2019. With this campaign we, 25 large and 7 small people, would like to co-finance certain parts of the further education.
` Freiburg, DE

Bushiri AgroCity

AgroCity Association would like to create sustainable, alternative sources of income, in Bushiri, Tanzania without polluting the environment. This crowd-funding is intended to help finance the land of 4 km2, on which an AgroCity will be built.
` Görwihl, DE

COOLING DOWN THE PLANET – Kick-start Justdiggit Germany

Dear Justdiggit Friends! What if we told you we can re-green twice the size of Europe and provide water, food, biodiversity and a better life for millions of people and species? Join our green revolution and support us in funding Justdiggit Germany.
` Amsterdam, NL

Die BatteryBox für Zuhause!

Es ist 2018, aber immer noch sammeln und recyceln die wenigsten Menschen Ihre alten Batterien. Das schadet Klima, Umwelt und Gesundheit. Mit diesem Projekt möchte ich erreichen, dass tausende Tonnen Batterien weniger im Hausmüll und in der Umwelt landen.
` Köln, DE

Mit Terra Preta Indianererde stoppen wir die Klimaerwärmung!

Geht uns ohne Erde die Luft aus? Mit einem Hektar Terra Preta binden wir 250t Kohlenstoff um der Erderwärmung entgegenzuwirken. Wir machen Experimente, um die Terra Preta direkt am Feld herzustellen und sie im Anbau der Wald-Biolandwirtschaft zu nützen
` Goiânia, Goiás, BR

Build wells for solidary agriculture

Climate change confronts us with new challenges. To be able to provide people in Berlin with organic and locally raised vegetables, we need a well for our community-supported agriculture to secure the harvest of what we have cultivated.
` Berlin, DE

Make Rojava Green Again: Book

We want to print the German, Turkish, Arabic and Kurdish edition of the book “Make Rojava Green Again”. The book describes the ecological challenges in Rojava, Northern-Syria and possible solutions.
` München, DE