Tiffin Loop – sustainable packaging solution for food to go.

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We want takeaway to be free of waste and especially plastic free. Therefore, Tiffin Loop provides restaurants and consumers a simple and sustainable solution for their takeaway.


Plastic waste is out – welcome to reusable packaging. 

We want food to go to be free from single use packaging and especially plastic free. Therefore, Tiffin Loop provides restaurants and consumers with a simple and sustainable solution for their takeaway food. Single-use packaging is replaced by reusable high-quality stainless-steel containers without causing additional costs.

The idea for Tiffin Loop comes from a situation that we probably all know: You order food to go and end up with several containers made of plastic and styrofoam in a plastic bag and with an average lifespan of 30 minutes. Afterwards, they end up in the rubbish bin or litter the parks in our cities. Only a fraction of them are actually recycled, the rest are dumped in landfills and pollute our nature and oceans.

Tiffin Loop is an easy-to-use circular system (loop) which allows restaurants and consumers to avoid single use packaging for their takeaway food. A mobile application is used to distribute and collect plastic-free stainless-steel containers between members. Tiffin Loop is the pioneer for reusable takeaway packaging solution in Germany. It was founded in Berlin as “The Tiffin Project” by Mustafa Demirtas in 2015 and transformed into Tiffin Loop in 2021. Currently 30 partner eateries and over 600 consumers are part of the loop nationwide. Members get access to the system by registering with the free Tiffin Loop App available for Android and iOs devices. Optionally the Tiffin Loop Card provides consumers a non-digital access to the system. All Tiffin Loop containers borrowed by consumers can be returned to any partner eatery. This creates a flexible circulatory system.

You can find our partner eateries on the map within the free Tiffin Loop App or follow us on social media: https://www.instagram.com/tiffinloop/

What is the funded money used for?

30.000 € Further development of the Tiffin Loop App
20.000 € 5.000 coffe cups (200 ml)

Currently we are a team of six people with different backgrounds driven by our common passion for sustainability. As a small team we have achieved a lot and we plan to go for a lot more. We want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Together with our partner eateries and users we have been able to prove that Tiffin Loop works over the past two years. Now we need financial support for growth, further development, and to stay competitive. We need to develop more container sizes to accommodate more meal types, a sales team to win more partner eateries, and marketing to create excitement for our product and vision. At the same time our technology infrastructure including the APP needs improvement for a better user experience and increasing access management. These projects require new resources, and we hope to get some cash injection from ecocrowd to start with the development of a smaller cup size and win over more coffee shops for Tiffin Loop.

In case we reach partial funding goal, we would spend the money to improve our website, our onboarding process for new partners, and give out the thank you gifts promised.

Why is the project an EcoCrowd project?

The quantities of plastic and packaging waste that pollute our environment are barely tolerable anymore. Solutions are needed to achieve our environmental and climate goals! Our Tiffins (reusable containers) are already in use and help reducing single-use packaging. With Tiffin Loop we have already saved on 2.322 single use containers.  

Instead of fighting plastic with plastic, we have opted for stylish and durable stainless-steel containers. Our food safe Tiffins are designed to last for more than 3000 rinsing cycles. Because of the cutting resistance, Tiffins meet high hygiene standards and avoid microplastics while eating and drinking from them. Furthermore stainless steel is 100% recyclable.

We want Tiffin Loop to become the most sustainable and customer-friendly system for reusable takeaway packaging. To set an example on an ecological, economic, and social level and to show that companies can be consistently sustainable. In this way, we hope to make a positive contribution to the environment and to society. Hopefully soon our efforts will be rewarded by the Blauer Engel Certificate.

Tell us something about yourself.

From Berlin, with purpose.

Our CEO Mustafa founded ECO Brotbox in 2014. A company selling sustainable lunch boxes and accessories made of stainless steel to reduce the use of plastic containers and packaging waste in everyday life. Back then, as a father of two young children, he became aware of the effects of plastic on our environment and to our health. Tiffin Loop was a natural consequence because a lot of waste is produced during takeaway.

“The idea for Tiffin Loop was triggered by two events in 2015. Firstly, a frightening article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, where the extent of the pollution of our oceans was highlighted and that single use packaging from takeaways was responsible for most of it. Secondly by the movie „The Lunchbox“, an Indian love story where the delivery service “Dabbawallas” mixes up the delivered food and the new recipient falls in love with the cook who prepared the food for her husband. In Mumbai Dabbawallas distribute over 200,000 meals a day, so-called tiffins, completely without waste. That inspired me to take action.” Mustafa Demirtas

Inspired by the Dabbawallas, Tiffin Loop offers their members a simple and convenient solution for takeaway and a premium dining experience. Just taste no waste!

Tiffin = our reusable stainless-steel container | Loop = circulatory system

We improve the future, because ...

We do not fight plastic with new plastic. We prevent the creation of plastics and packaging waste resulting from takeaway with a sustainable and convenient solution.

Matthias Brunk

Bonn, DE

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    Aktualisierung #1: Tiffin Loop – nachhaltige Mehrweglösung für Take Away

    Seit 01.01.2023 gilt die Mehrwegpflicht!

    Seit Anfang  Januar gilt für Gastronomien die gesetzliche “Mehrwegangebotspflicht”. Was bedeutet das? 

    Im Großen und Ganzen sind Restaurants, Cafés, Bistros, aber auch Cateringbetriebe und mehr ab Januar 2023 dazu verpflichtet, neben Einwegverpackungen auch Mehrwegbehälter für Speisen und Getränke anzubieten, die sie ihren Gästen To Go verkaufen oder ausgeben. Ausnahmen werden bei z. B. Imbissen, Spätis und in Läden gemacht, in denen insgesamt fünf Beschäftigte oder weniger arbeiten und die eine Ladenfläche von unter 80 Quadratmetern haben. Dabei werden bei Betrieben mit mehreren Filialen die Flächen und Mitarbeiter zusammengerechnet. Nichtsdestoweniger können auch diese Betriebe sich für Mehrweg anstatt Einweg entscheiden. Denn egal wie klein der eigene Betrieb auch sein mag, jede eingesparte Einwegverpackung ist für die Umwelt eine gute Sache! 

    Wir von Tiffin Loop freuen uns sehr über diese Entwicklung, denn so kommen wir einer nachhaltigeren Zukunft mit weniger Einwegmüll ein Stück näherDie Gastronomiebetriebe, die das Tiffin Loop Mehrwegsystem nutzen, erfüllen ihre Mehrwegpflicht dann ganz vorbildlich. 😉

    Weitere Infos zur Mehrwegpflicht findet man u. A. auf der Seite des BMUV: https://www.bmuv.de/faq/was-bedeutet-die-neue-mehrwegpflicht-im-to-go-bereich