Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) Austria 2019

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Youth is our Future, they should be part of important decisions shaping our future!
The Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) Austria is THE platform to connect and empower young people during many different workshops for a climate friendly and better future.


What is the Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) and who is it for?

The LCOY Austria will take place in Vienna from Friday the 8th of November to Sunday the 10th of November 2019 with 300 participants and the Motto: Connecting Youth for Climate Action. It is part of a global movement for climate justice. It gives young people a platform to connect and gain knowledge through many different workshops, discussions and speeches. A place for the (further) development for participant’s own projects will also be given. It is important to us, that the conference is not influenced by any political groups or parties.

An LCOY is part of an international network of conferences in the run-up to the yearly climate summit of the United Nations. It is an event under the umbrella of YOUNGO, the official youth constituency at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Its aims are are to be a space to boost youth climate action locally and create an input into the international conferences. In our presentation video – with english subtitles – it is explained what a COP exactly is. This Video was shot for last year’s conference, but the definitions are still accurate. More Videos can be found on our Youtube Channel.

The target group are all students, trainees and young people working, who are between 15 and 30 years old and interested in climate change and climate politics. The conference is already taking place for the second time this year and is again supported by the city of Vienna and the Austrian president.
 The main goals of the LCOY are the creation of a network of young people to connect and the formulation of claims towards climate friendly politics, which will be taken to the yearly UN climate conference.  

Are you between 15 and 30 years old and do you want to take part yourself? Registration is still open until the 20th of October! You can find details here.

What is the funded money used for?

1.000 € ticket refunds to enable young people from all across the country to participate at the LCOY
1.000 € promotional activities, so that everyone knows, that the LCOY is happening
1.000 € smaller things like material for workshops and catering

For the success of the LCOY we need different materials, promote the conference through various channels and provide the participants with healthy and environmentally friendly food.

If we are able to collect more money than our goal we will use it to facilitate the participation for young people, for example by financing train tickets for people coming from outside of Vienna. If we do not reach our financing goal we will still manage to hold the conference, but every amount will help us. We are trying to stay as flexible as possible.

Why is the project an EcoCrowd project?

As the “climate generation” we want to educate young people to take charge and take care of our planet. This works much better in a network and connected to other people working towards the same goals.

As organizers, we work to keep the ecological footprint of the conference as small as possible. We provide saved food, work together with a Foodsharing initiative and an ecological print shop.
Because of many workshops, discussions and speeches during the three days of conference we improve the consciousness of climate problems, show the choice for sustainable alternatives and build up a strong network.

Tell us something about yourself.

About the Team and CliMates Austria

We want to empower the young generation!

We are members of the youth NGO CliMates Austria, one of five branches of CliMates international. CliMates is an international Think-and-Do-Tank, which is specialized on climate change and has its head office in Paris. It is our goal to evaluate the challenges on climate change, inform, mobilize and empower young people to find and implement innovative solutions together. All of our members work voluntarily because we care about the topics and problems we work with.

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