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Dear Justdiggit Friends!
What if we told you we can re-green twice the size of Europe and provide water, food, biodiversity and a better life for millions of people and species?
Join our green revolution and support us in funding Justdiggit Germany.



Dear Justdiggit Friends,

This crowdfunding campaign is supported by the Founders Kite Club. However, this campaign goes out to all the people in the world who are willing to support us in cooling down the planet and establishing Justdiggit in Germany.

We are excited to report a first success: HAVAS Germany, DEPT und Ströer Out Of Home Media are supporting this project with massive creative work and media budgets. In other words, your donations are not spent for advertising but are directly invested into building the German subsidiary and fundraising activities.

If we can warm up the earth,

can also cool it down.

Thit is the catchy credo of Justdiggit. It´s not about finger pointing. It is a highly motivating promise for a better future.

Watch the Justdiggit commercial and convince yourself!

If we can warm up the earth, we can also cool it down”. Yes, we can! And we want to! Not only in the Netherlands where Justdiggit is based actually. We also want to reach out to Germany and start fundraising. However, every beginning is hard. THAT´S WHY WE ASK YOU FOR DONATIONS!

Justdiggit– ingeniously

simply ingenious!

“Cooling down the planet!”. Justdiggits great claim is based on a simple physical mechanism. Greener land makes a cooler planet! Justdiggit goes far beyond of just planting trees. Our programs influence the regional climate by capturing CO2, reducing local temperature and creating local rains. It is a large scale re-greening program that makes dry land green again. With its “train the trainer approach” it involves thousands of local farmers and provides help for self-help. Last not least the Justdiggit Movement promotes our solution to the world. Justdiggit creates positive global on- and offline awareness campaigns and education programs to inspire, unite and activate an entire generation to cool down our planet. It is supported by many influencers and ambassadors like e. g. Nobel Peace Prize winner and Justdiggit’s Patron Desmond Tutu. 

Save the world with a shovel! Our iconic shovel stands for bold, unprecedented action; less words, more results, less debate, more inspiration. As a symbol for climate action, our shovel turns dry lands back into healthy soils and thriving farmlands and ecosystems. With our movement we inform, inspire and activate the world to act.

Watch this video and see the success we already have achieved.

Get inspired by Desmond Tutu in this video.

Watch this video and learn more about our scientific approach, the so called Hydrologic Corridor.

Much has already been achieved. But we can achieve much more for the good of the planet and of mankind. Therefore we have to go beyond the borders of the Netherlands. To Germany!

What is the role of the Founders

Kite Club?

There are four good reasons why we target the FCF with this crowd funding. First of all there is the “polluter pays” principle. The FKC has caused the situation, now it has to take the blame. Justdiggit is a vivid proof for the excellent networking and community approach of the FKC. The idea of founding Justdiggit Germany came up during the FKC event in Tarifa where Dennis Karpes and Pascal Kühnhenrich met and spent some thoughts about the large potential of a German subsidiary. Soon after that the planning became more specific. No its time to carry out the plan.

At this point we want to say a huge THANK YOU! to Sebastian Heitmann and Alexander Hegeler who provided support and resources for this project from the very beginning. Two more reasons are the financial power and strong network. Last not least the FKC ambassadors who support us as advocates and multipliers. Big thanks to: Valerie Bönstörm, Johanna Braun, Gesine and Gerry Haag, Oliver Eckart, Sebastian Heitmann, Meike Müller, Tobias Müller, Felix Leonhard.

What is the funded money used for?

5.000 € 5.000€: financial buffer
2.000 € 2.000€: current expenses for IT and telecommunications
8.000 € 8.000€ travel expenses: visiting projects in Kenya and Tanzania, meeting media partners, project managers, farmers, institutions and politicians on-site.
35.000 € 35.000€ fundraising: events to raise awareness for Justdiggit Germany. E. g. kick-off event for German advertising and media partners, meeting potential donors from industry, NGOs and private sector.
30.000 € With 30.000€ we can pay Pascal for one year as manager of Justdiggit Germany. He is responsible for conception and realization of advertising campaigns. Coordination of advertising and media partners. Conception, promotion and realization of fundraising activities. General management and implementation of the German subsidiary.

First things first: just in case that we do not reach our funding goal we will invest the money nevertheless in founding Justdiggit Germany. 

Every beginning is hard! Your donations are kind of a seeding capital to fund Justdiggit Germany. The money helps us to overcome the first year. We learned from the experience of our dutch colleagues, that it takes approx. one year until the foundation is able to fund itself.  

Why is the project an EcoCrowd project?

Justdiggit jumpstarts large scale landscape restoration projects by retaining rainwater for vegetation and preventing erosion, flooding and land degradation. This creates local benefits for communities and the environment. By restoring a series of landscapes in a region we aim to positively impact the regional climate. That’s what we call a Hydrologic Corridor.

And it works! The projects in Kenya and Tanzania are the best proof of success. 

Kick-start Justdiggit Germany is an EcoCrowd project because it can dramatically enhance the ecologic impact of Justdiggit and thus makes an important contribution in saving the planet and its people. 

Tell us something about yourself.

The Justdiggit team consists of determined people and has its office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. All team members have a private sector background, which is reflected in our startup culture. 

Our way of working is influenced by a few core values: Ambitious – Optimistic – Active – Collaborative – Entrepreneurial. 

We work with small local teams and are creating the major impact through our amazing local and international partners and dedicated volunteers. We have joined forces with several types of partners to ensure scale, local presence and consistency in our program development and campaigning work.