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The Equality Memo is a child’s game in which matching cards must be found. These show the same activity performed by people of different skin colour or gender. A game for an open world view!


Dear supporters,

Happy Jona is an online shop for children’s products that is 100% designed to support parents in a value-based education. The focus is on the values: equality, honesty, respect, curiosity and empathy. 

The first own Happy Jona product is the equality memo. As with any memo game, you look for matching pairs and train short-term memory and logical thinking. In the Equality Memo, the couples are not exactly the same, but show an activity performed by people of different gender and/or skin colour. Stereotypes that have already been built up are thus resolved and children develop a more open world view.

In this crowdfunding campaign, the aim is to produce the first edition of the equality memo in the highest possible quantity (Made in Germany). Therefore I am looking forward to as many pre-orders and supporters as possible!

I also think it’s great that this way everyone has the opportunity to be a part of the Happy Jona Vision from the very beginning. I hope that it is as important to many people as it is to me to make a difference and I invite you to become part of the Happy Jona community:

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Many thanks for your support!


Why is the value of equality important?

Equality is fundamental to a fair and happy society and inequality is a source of conflict. In the development of children, equality is important so that they can develop freely and discover their true strengths and weaknesses and not come to terms with a prefabricated life pattern.

Why do people create stereotypes?

We constantly judge the people around us and do not have the capacity to deal intensively with each individual. So we overvalue individual characteristics (such as gender or skin colour) and attribute characteristics to the individual that we associate with that characteristic.


Observation: Bill Gates is old

Stereotype: Older people have no idea about computers

ergo: Bill Gates has no idea about computers

Most people know more about Bill Gates and would not have to use the stereotype. But those who do not know Bill Gates and have built up this stereotype would probably attribute an inappropriate characteristic to him.

What are stereotypes?

Stereotypes are templates through which we see and judge people.

What are prejudices?

Prejudices are stereotypes with negative evaluations.

How do stereotypes affect the development of children?

By classifying and demarcating groups we define our self-esteem. Unfortunately, this provides the incentive to disparage other groups and to enhance one’s own group. That is why Happy Jona tries to bring the predominant equality between people back into focus.

Children ascribe to themselves the characteristics imposed on them by their environment. It has been shown that girls underestimate their own actual performance and boys overestimate their own actual performance. Both do not lead to a healthy self-esteem.

» read more on the subject here 

What is the funded money used for?

2.500 € Production of 1.000 games
3.000 € Production of 500 games
1.500 € Production of 300 games
3.000 € Production of 200 games

The money will be used for the production of the first edition of the equality memo as well as for shipping the games pre-ordered in this campaign. The number of copies of the edition depends on the success of this campaign.

Why is the project an EcoCrowd project?

Happy Jona helps parents to teach their children values such as respect for nature and empathy with other living beings, thus strengthening their awareness as part of this precious world – with the belief that people who sincerely love nature are intrinsically motivated to strive for it.

Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Jenny and I am currently building Happy Jona. When I first familiarised myself with the market for children’s products, I was initially bothered by the breakdown of all products by gender and the often lacking educational added value. With Happy Jona I would like to make my contribution to supporting parents in a value-oriented education. In my opinion, this is what education is all about – conveying the right values.

We together improve the future, because ...

equality is an important value for a fair and happy future










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