10 good reasons for EcoCrowd

There are a lot of Crowdfunding plattforms in the internet. You may wonder why you should start your project on EcoCrowd. Take a look at our 10 good reasons and let convince yourself.

A greener future through sustainable projects

EcoCrowd is a crowdfunding platform just for ecologically and socially sustainable projects. Meet new people for whom the topic of sustainability is as important as for you. Each project is personally checked by experts. They review weather the project has an additional value for the environment and weather the used resources are sustainable.

No funding barrier

All projects on EcoCrowd are based on the financing model „flexible funding“: If the funding goal is not reached at the end of the financing phase, you still get the money and every supporter receive the reward.

Voluntary percentage 

On EcoCrowd you can decide about the percentage. It is up to you how much percentage you want to donate for the receipt of the platform.

Search helpers for your project

Do you need special skills or competences for your project? At which tasks could helpers support you? You set up required tasks and then the helpers can contact you.

Personal support

Our EcoCrowd team supports you at any time. We are happy to give you some tips and tricks and answer all your questions for the campaign start. Just send us a message via our online support and we will answer as soon as possible.

E-Learning for a successful campaign

At EcoCrowd you always find tips and tricks for your crowdfunding campaign. They are listed exactly there where you need them. At each stage of your project we give you some tasks and organizational tips, which will make your project structured and successful.

Possibility to continue

Your project has been already relatively successful but you believe there is even more? Before the campaign ends you did an important modification and you think it could be better now? Contact us if you want to extend the duration of your campaign.

Continuous project duration

We offer non-profit associations and organizations the opportunity to use our platform without fixed duration of your campaign. If you want to know if your project or campaign is suitable, you can contact us.


From January 2018 you can also start your project in english.